My Mission is to help create the best relationship between you and your feline. Learning how to communicate with your cat, and meeting all of their needs, is important in building a strong and happy bond. I find my inspiration in teaching guardians how to provide the best environment and enrichment for their furry pals as well as sharing some insight into their cats' mind.

I have been providing in-home cat services for years, but since April 2016 I have been lucky enough to make it my full time job. 7 years of veterinary nursing experience and a lifelong interest and passion for cats helps me provide great care for your beloved kitties. I've also attended multiple cat conferences (and continue to do so annually) for veterinary paraprofessionals with certified feline-specialist speakers.

I specialize in senior and special needs cat care, administering medications, teaching how to give medications, trim nails, brush teeth, etc., helping move past an unwanted behavior, giving cat advice and tips for indoor cat happiness and more!


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I look forward to talking to you about cats!